v. II: Insights on Artificial Intelligence and the Law Leonardo Parentoni, Renato César Cardoso (Orgs)

This book is part of the collection sponsored by the Brazilian Research Center on Law, Technology and Innovation – DTIBR, a private nonprofit interdisciplinary membership association that works to bridge academia and business, as well as publishing papers and books focused on cutting edge technologies and their legal aspects.

The book assembles the best papers from the students, properly revised, in expanded and updated versions. Invited coauthors from other top-ranked universities in Brazil, as well as foreign scholars, also shared their thoughts, experience and impressions about that important subject.

In the following pages, the reader will find 13 texts about many aspects of AI technology, not only in the legal field but also from the perspective of other areas, such as ethics, philosophy, computer sciences, medicine, civil law, business law, privacy and personal data protection.